Rabbit’s Fury

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Rabbit’s Fury a 3d person action / adventure game. Here you play as a Rabbit. This game is on it’s very alpha stage. So, there is only one plat forming level to play. This game utilizes some advance graphics techniques, like motion blur, bloom effect, color overlay, parallel split shadow map and so on. This game is geared toward all ages. This is a multi platform game. This runs on Windows, Linux & Mac.

What do we deliver?

Anyone can have some good time interacting with a virtual world. The game can be played by anyone of +7 ages. But, the game play difficulty level might put on some constrains about who can play it. But, we will try to optimize it and will try keeping some advanced option open for the pro users.

How is the project unique?

Game development is always has been in a not-so-well-explored area for our country because of it development pipeline’s diversity. Many people have an idea, which is, game development is all about hardcore programming, but this is not completely correct. The whole processes starts from a creative mind. Think about it as an artist who wants to venture into a virtual world and wants to do different things in it. These concepts are then draws on a piece of papers. These papers go to the game modeler, environment artist, engine programmer etc. These skills are related but not dependent. Knowing how to model is not going to help a texture artist in anyway. So, this huge amount of skill set requirement is the prime reason why Bangladesh lag so much in these sectors. But, we, on the other hand, has learned and gone through steep learning curve, about how to handle this massive work flow in a very efficient way. This kind of skill set is not so easy to achieve, while retaining the product quality above what-we-usually-see. And as always a game is always an art. It tells us a story in an entertaining and makes us feels like a character of that world, who just don’t play, but also take decisions and participate on the ongoing events of that virtual world. So, yes, this kind of massive undertaking is innovative from every perspective of development.


Lack of high profile communication technologies are a barrier of good grade development. So, of course, enhancing these tools can bring a revolution to the IT sector of our country..


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