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Data Gathering such as surveys, market research, customer registration, Biodata filling in rural areas is a tough and very expensive task today. Market Research companies spend a fortune in collecting data samples from Rural areas. Job sites find it hard to collect CVs from Rural Job seekers because of the low internet penetration and cost attached in traveling to the near ICT kiosk. VoForms is a product aimed to address this gap leveraging the high penetration and pervasiveness of Mobile phones in Rural India. By using Mobiles as the access channel and Voice as the medium, VoForms aims to collect such data from remote areas over phone calls. By leveraging state-of-the-art speech recognition technologies and intelligent application design VoForms has been able to create good traction in this sector. VoForms has two modules- PUSH and PULL. In PUSH, VoForms pro-actively calls a list of pre-defined customers and asks them survey based questions in local language to which the respondents have to reply using natural speech. This is converted to text and entered into the survey database in real-time. In PULL, the system expects callers to call-in and fill out the requisite forms using speech. Limitations: VoForms is not best suited for qualitative data such as open ended questions. At best it can record the user inputs in audio format. It is the quantitative inputs which are converted to text in real time which add the most value. VoForms typically addresses two major hurdles in data gathering from Rural Areas- Latency and high Cost. By making data gathering a real-time activity ( the respondents spoken inputs are instantly converted to text and posted in databases) and leveraging only voice calls over mobile phones as the medium it has successfully eliminated these hurdles.

What we deliver?

VoForms is a service offered to data gathering and market research agencies.

Why is the project unique?

The opportunity of collecting data from Rural areas such as surveys etc. over phone calls is fairly unique. Market research companies spend huge amounts of moneys in collecting such data over traditional pen-and-paper methods, VoForms suddenly provides a low-cost and real-time way to collect this data.


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