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Must See India ( is a free travel planning site providing information, tools and booking for leisure travel planning in India. It aims to create a disruptive online platform that will increase the efficiency and quality of the leisure holiday booking process which would be cost effective, smarter and faster.

What we deliver

Must See India aim to create a disruptive online platform that will increase the efficiency and quality of the booking process. Cost effective: It provides a self-help planning tool leading to automatic filtration easing the burden on sales reps leading to reduction in cost. Smarter: Quality of consultation is high as it learns from experiences of other travelers. Consultation is more effective as more accurate and specific suggestions are made. Faster: The entire booking process speeds up reducing the wait time for revert from sales reps leading to higher customer satisfaction. It also helps in increasing repeat customers

 Whom we deliver

Our customers are travelers searching for information about tourist destinations in India. These visitors search and book various hotels, packages and various travel options on our site or our partner sites (like flights, hotels, trains, buses and cabs).Our website attracts 2.5 million unique visitors per month, out of which 1. 86% are from India 2. 14% are from outside India where 4% are from US and 3% are from other countries.

 Why is the project unique?

The online leisure travel space is in quite nascent stage and the current players – MakeMyTrip and HolidayIQ – have met limited success. HolidayIQ follows a lead selling model with no control over booking process. MMT with a strong focus on flights has not been able to provide a viable alternative to offline travel agents. The entire leisure travel uses minimal technology and the company sees a lot of potential for improvement via technology in this space having done successful pilot for holiday booking with over 100 bookings now. The company is looking to scale up its holiday division with a focus on efficiency.


Vikas Rana

Roam Space Travel Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

B3 1402 L and T South City, Arekere Mico Layout, Off Bannerghatta Road

Bangalore, Karnataka, India



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