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To enable the viewers of ATN Bangla, one of the popular TV channels in Bangladesh, SSL Wireless has developed a WAP portal for ATN where the viewers using Grameenphone can view its programs from their mobile phones. The programs include ATN’s news, dramas, music videos etc. They can access the portal anytime from anywhere which enables the viewers to see their missed programs and updated news as they are uploaded on the portal regularly. Grameen users who want to watch their favourite TV shows or music videos of ATN Bangla can view them on their mobile phones.

What we deliver

We deliver to our customers latest ATN News, Program videos, Magazine Videos, Music videos, Funny videos, wallpapers, animations, program schedules, event special programs etc through this portal. As ATN is a popular TV channel in Bangladesh, it has a vast customer base in different sectors. The customers using Grameenphone are able to view any programs through this portal whenever they need. It is also simple to access which created a lot of response from the customers.

Whom we deliver

All ages of people are currently using our service at regular basis as it transmit updated news and TV program as well.

Why is the project unique?

ATN WAP Portal is completely unique according to its design, program categories, wealthy content, updated and customer orientation. It added value to the end users through keeping in touch with ATN TV.


Our vision of “A global network of people using mobile technology for reaching masses” is to bring information at the fingertips of people of Bangladesh using ever-present technologies such as mobile phone network. As an ASP, we want to become the largest and most reliable mobile computing solution provider in Bangladesh and to be a household name in the mobile value added and mobile financial services sector. Our objective is to give a simple secure digital life to the people through our clients. The ICT tools can be used to make digital content easily accessible to people. By encouraging usage of locally developed software we can also increase our value in the world as a digital content and application developing country. This would add as another positive impact for Bangladesh in the ICT world. As mobile penetration is increasing day by day, the usage of mobiles have become a common phenomena for the masses. The technological advancement in the field of mobile sets is making them more accessible to the masses in terms of cost. The rural people can now get hold of mobile phones with low cost and they can be communicated through the innovative mobile services. Once these people are aware of the numerous services that they can facilitate from with their mobiles they can participate and communicate in the broader arena. We have already brought numerous mobile based value added services for the rural masses like Babsha Jiggasha, SMS based voting and polling services, IVR based news, entertainment and travel related services. We are on the process of bringing in other call center and WAP based services like law information, agricultural information for the people of Bangladesh which will be accessible to the people 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We are constantly trying to walk the extra mile so that information can easily be accessed by the masses. In every sector i.e. financial sector, media, government we have initiated a mobile based service and are continuously looking for new innovation. Because of our innovative services, people all across the country can get financial information (Mobile Banking, SMS Banking, Mobile Stock, SMS Notifications from different banks), media information (1 TV channel’s WAP portals), News (IVR News Services for 5 TV channels, 1 Newspaper), Travel information (WAP Service)etc. SSL Wireless as an application service provider has always been a pioneer in the field of mobile VAS and financial services since 2006. We were the first to officially launch short code based SMS banking service in Bangladesh in the year 2007, at present running successfully at many banks like Islami Bank, Bank Asia, The City Bank, IFIC Bank, etc. We were also the first company to officially launch masked SMS services in Bangladesh with our Alert Banking product in the year 2008, currently running by many banks like The City Bank, AB Bank, Eastern Bank, Dhaka Bank, etc. We were also the first to design and deploy SMS Banking service for a decentralized banking system. Our decentralized SMS Banking is running at Sonali Bank, Agrani Bank, and Uttara Bank. After achieving success in the fields of SMS Banking and Alert Banking, we gradually developed our Mobile Banking solution called M-Cash. This project was also first of its kind for Bangladesh. Even at present our Mobile Banking product is the only one successfully running with multiple banks in Bangladesh. All of our technology is locally researched and developed by local software engineers. In our products there has always been a touch of innovation and we always try to make our products user friendly so that mass people can use the service with minimum need for education. Mobile based services have become a common affair in the modern world. Bangladesh can take a giant step in the digital era by innovating different mobile based services and reaching the masses.


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Software Shop Limited ( SSL Wireless)

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Dhaka, Bangladesh, 1000

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