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To promote knowledge of science and patronize of scholarship among the overwhelming majority, Cosmic Culture has been launched a web portal in Bengali language in the year 2010. It publish different science information, Scientific achievement of both Bangladesh and international, Science Article, Activities and life of Bengali scientist, introducing different science organization of Bangladesh, Book Review, Online Edition of rare Bengali books, different National and International days, Sky chart, also more information. It tries to explore scientific information among general people and students by very easy language and informative ways.

What we deliver

We deliver the following content by this portal: 1. Recent news about science activities, achievements, innovations, discovers happened in the world. 2. Special achievements by Bengali scientists 3. Biography of different Bengali scientist 4. Chronological information of historical past events and different scientist’s life 5. Science Book and Magazine (written in Bengali) reviews 6. Information about different observational days of science 7. Sky chart for every month 8. Organizational profile of different Science organization in Bangladesh 9. Information about Noble Prize and provide yearly information 10. Special feature on Charles Darwin and Evolution 11. Special feature on Astronomy and Astronomy Olympiad 12. Special feature on Solar and Lunar Eclipse 13. Online Edition of different Bengali Science book 14. Science Article and write up by renowned Science writer and general 15. Special feature on Readers comments/write up 16. Science Quiz 17. Science Book purchase service

Why is the project unique?

Because, we can deliver or supply scientific information among mass people and young people by very informative and easy way. By this activity we can grow interest to cultivation of science, promote humanity and a logical outlook tends to science.


Our future plan is to gather all nongovernmental science organizations clubs or individuals under this online platform. For which they can operate their activities with more effectiveness and promote more people to science. Because online base promotion is more demandable requirements nowadays.


Theodore Joel Karmaker

Cosmic Culture

395 New Eskaton Road

Dhaka, Bangladesh


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