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Eram Scientific Solutions has developed an indigenous & innovative product named Delight Bharath, (Patent Pending) which is India’s first electronic public toilet. Delight is the blend of Information Communication and Engineering Technologies. Through this unique product, we have attempted to address the inherent challenges of public sanitation. In a perfect situation, a public toilet should have the capabilities to address waste management, effective water usage and sustainability as core challenges among various other issues. Delight is positioned as the perfect solution which addresses all these effectively; it is cost effective, appropriate and suitable for the geographic and demographic patterns of any location.

What we deliver

An aesthetic sanitation environment to general public. A Sustainable public sanitation infrastructure for Corporations and Municipalities.

Why is the project unique?

Delight Bharath is the first of its kind in India. The automation of the public sanitation facility is an ingenious product by combining the web based technology with electronics. Public sanitation is an untouched area in spite of boom in technology and its application in various other sectors. Automated toilet will not only offer comprehensive, sustainable and cost-effective solution to existing unhealthy sanitation facility but also revolutionize the perception about public sanitation facility. Delight is India’s First Public Toilet system which has integrated a Customer Support Division in the sanitation front. It also converges multiple technologies like electronics, mobile and engineering technologies as an effective public sanitation infrastructure. This unit integrates the key elements of hygiene and sustainability.


We are working on a mission to have all Indian Cities with modern sterilized public sanitation system. To further improve our Urban Sanitation Infrastructure, such projects with huge social relevance are inevitable. Our improvement objective takes a 4-sided approach where we focus on: 1. Setting up Clean Public Sanitation Infrastructure 2. Proper management and maintenance of units without affecting or incurring expenditure of Government funds 3. Creating more employment opportunities and improving the decency of jobs in this area 4. Providing the Country a facelift in the urban public sanitation front we are also focused on continuous improvement and upgradation of the Delight and we are working on developing various models of Delight suitable for any conditions. In this regard, we have already successfully developed the School Model and Imperial Model. Our immediate attention lies on identifying multiple, cost-effective and innovative technologies for conserving valuable resources and reducing the quantity of water and power used in each Delight unit. Novel methods of sewage treatment are also under consideration. The ultimate aim is to transform Delight as a green toilet. The future envisions Delight to transform the whole “wellness” aspect in the Country with Delight Automated Public Toilet, Vending Machines, Multi-purpose Kiosks, Massage Chairs, Sleep Rooms etc, all made available under a single roof with a cozy ambience. This many-in-one solution is intended to be rolled out across the National Highways in the Country where it would serve as a welcome answer to the night travelers and drivers. Additional features such as locker room and wash room facilities can be provided near beaches for use by the tourists. The entry could be restricted using coin validator or a similar measure. More features relating to “wellness” such as spas with steam bath, herbal garden parks etc could be integrated into the model. Thus Delight Next would have the following four models: National Highway Model Beach Model Spa Model Herbal Park Model This vision of Delight Next would renovate the existing system and make available state-of-the-art infrastructure for the public. Eram Scientifics Research & Development department is on the threshold of creating profound impact in various areas namely food adulteration, agriculture, surveillance, utility products and other innovations. The innovation-drive and social commitment of the Management coupled with the team’s technological proficiency opens immense opportunities for the Company. Eram Scientific has prepared the ground to embark on multi-faceted research in Green technology, Energy Conservation to Water conservation and recycling. The team plans to adopt a three-pronged approach to the development activities; rural sector, consumer sector and the industrial sector. For the rural sector, the R&D team is planning on interventions in agriculture sector. In the consumer domestic sector, the upcoming project is a unique solution focusing on health hazards due to food adulteration. The retail market is also in one of the focus area. The Company is also planning for setting up serious research in the industrial sector also with interventions in Energy Conservation.


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