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In the current scenario where less than 1% of the content catalog contributes to 90% of the content downloads & high customer churn since they are not able to discover the right content. Delphi is the product which ensures that there is enhanced user experience, making it easier for the user to discover undiscoverable content upfront & better content monetization for the operator. Delphi the Recommendation engine which provides N=1 personalized recommendation across products/services & formats. It is powered by best in class analytics. It creates a holistic view of the subscriber spanning across profile, usage patterns, credit worthiness, wallet size, channel & content preference. The recommendation is based on the past purchases, market stimuli and context. Social networks & sphere of influence are also leveraged by Delphi RE for better customer engagement. The product is a tried & tested solution in improving customer satisfaction by providing N=1 personalized recommendation across products, services & geographies

What we deliver

Personalized content recommendation to the customer based on his/her content preference. dynamic storefronts ensure discovery of relevant content

Whom we deliver

Across Indian & International Operators

Why is the project unique?

1.While there are several attempts made in the industry to serve content to subscribers, RE is a robust attempt to ensure every subscriber is able to access content of his/her choice with ease. 2. The criterion for personalization is a hybrid of past preference. stimuli from the market, as well as peer group consumption habits 3. The user experience is standardized across pull & push channels


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