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‘Educonnect Language Connects’, a user-friendly English communication enhancement program, has been designed by a team of educational researchers from Educomp Solutions Ltd. for the masses who wish to fulfill their dream of fluent communication in English. The bilingual approach used in ‘Educonnect Language Connects’ makes it a self-paced learning program that helps learners to relate the known (in their own language) to the unknown (in the English language) with ease. The content is delivered through 22 audio visual modules that help learners to acquire correct contextual vocabulary, pronunciation and meaning of the content independently. Every module has four sessions, each focusing on the concept word, its pronunciation, meaning and usage. It is followed by practice and recapitulation that takes learners through different real life situations in which the concept word can be used. Educonnect is not bound by any teaching space or learning hours. Learners acquire the skills at their own pace and convenience. By improving their English communication skills, learners are able to avail better employment opportunities and improve their social skills. The project content is made accessible to the learner through various models such as: DIAL UP MODEL This model is accessible through any phone. The users have access to updated content. MOBILE WEB MODEL This model is accessible through any standard Mobile HTML browser and the users have access to updated content. MEDIA APP This is accessible to any Smartphone with Media App running on it. The content can be updated any time by accessing new content through the Media App Browser. EDUCATOR’S DEVICE The educator’s device is accessible only to the user of the mobile device.

What we deliver?

Content: Multimedia Content Lesson Plans Assessments Trainer’s Modules

Why is the project unique?

‘Educonnect Language Connects’ aims to connect people through language. It was conceived with the idea of creating a product that can be used by anyone anytime at any place to learn English through any language at any pace. The bilingual approach diminishes the learner’s apprehension to learn a new language. With the optimum use of technology in multimedia content creation, distribution and playback, the users are engaged in a pleasant learning experience. The accuracy of pronunciation and understanding of the content is enhanced with audio scripts and visuals, making learning interesting and simple. To recapitulate, the learner is taken through various real life situations. The program reaches out to the masses, especially the rural audience, through the use of mobile technology which the target group is already familiar with. The program is an outstanding example of streamlined integration of pedagogy and mobile computing.


Dr. Bindu Rana
Educomp Solutions. Ltd.
85, N.S.E.Z., Phase-II, Noida UP – 201305, India.

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