Functional Electrical Stimulator (FES)

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FES is designed to help patients in walking who have paralysis in one leg and have to drag their foot when walking. The FES stimulates the nerves of the leg so that the patient is able to life their foot and improve the quality and ability to walk. FES (Functional Electrical Simulator) is designed for people who are unable to walk properly due to brain damage, spinal injury or paralysis. Such people are unable to move the muscles of their limbs. FES helps them in walking by giving them electrical pulses externally to their muscles. These pulses stimulate their muscles to contract and in turn lift their foot. The device is enabled by a foot switch which activates the pulses once the foot is lifted off the ground. Upon activation the device sends pulses of unique frequency for a short duration. The intensity of pulses can be varied according to the comfort of the patient.

What we deliver

A product that aids patients suffering from paralysis in legs to walk with straight feet by stimulating the nerves in the legs. Such patients have to drag their paralyzed leg when walking but the stimulation enables them to lift their leg and the walk is considerably improved. This product provides the user with the liberty to walk freely even being a stroke patient.

Why is the project unique?

The product is unique in the sense that it is uses very simple technology and yet serves the purpose of an FES. Also the device is much cheaper than other manufacturers of the FES. This instrument is locally manufactured and hence available at a very low cost. The device is also available commercially from foreign sources and has a very high cost. The device can be attached with almost any type of shoe. Its battery powered circuit makes it portable and easy to carry. The foot switch is quite reliable and long lasting.


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