Ground Reality Information Processing System (GRIPS)

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GRIPS is an innovative systems which can prevent aviation industry’s deadliest scare Runway Incursion with 100% accuracy. It can also detect foreign objects on the runways.

What we deliver

Our system GRIPS deliver safety and prevention from aviation’s most notorious scare Runway Incursion. Due to increase in global air traffic, Runway incursion has emerged as the most recurring accident in aviation. In 2010, there was 966 runway incursion in US alone!

Why is the project unique?

All other systems earlier developed to prevent runway incursion depends heavily on Radar & GPS. The problem with Radar is that the sweep time taken by scanner of the radar which is around 5-10 seconds, during which an aircraft can come on the runway, causing incursion. GPS also cannot show the exact position of the aircrafts due to its technological limitations, thus again cannot be successfully used to prevent runway incursion. This is the reason why all runway incursion prevention systems have failed miserably. A GRIP does NOT depend either on Radar or on GPS. We’ve installed sensors on the runway entry and exits with a wired network to provide robustness. Non-dependency on Radars and GPS with ground based sensors is unique in GRIPS


We have plans to target and install GRIPS on top 50 busiest airports in next 3 years. With the kind of safety it will provide, we hope it will soon become an important aviation safety system in aviation infrastructure. Our long term vision is to enhance GRIPS to prevent Runway Excursions (Runway Overshooting). We’ve already completed 1st phase of development of Runway Excursion System. With the integration of Runway Excursion system to GRIPS, runway overshooting accidents like that of Mangalore air crash, Kochi, Mumbai etc can be prevented.


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