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Kisan Raja is a venture involving technology deployment for Agriculture through end-to-end Smart Irrigation Automation Solutions. Vision: Enhance personal productivity of Farmers while helping them to achieve enormous yields with the use of technology; thereby bringing happiness and prosperity to the Farmers and the Nation Mission: 1. Sustain the agricultural production with the growing population 2. Address the disparity between agriculture industry, emerging service sectors and other industries 3. Contain the urban migration that is driven by standard of living and income generation opportunities. 4. Improve the working conditions in the Agricultural sector Challenges in irrigation: Providing timely and adequate water supply in the right areas 1. Pumping of the water from the well/bore 2. Transporting water to the right area at the right time 3. Sensing exact requirement of the water Our Solutions: 1. Remote Motor Controller/Starter Enabling the Remote Control of irrigation pump 2. Smart Valve Controller – Regulating the valves to provide the water in right areas for right amount of time 3. Sensor based Irrigation Controller Identifying and supplying the right amount of water As a first step, we have built a Kisan Raja GSM based Remote Motor Controller which is the most comprehensive solution with the greatest ease of use! Pain points for Farmers in operating irrigation pump set: 1. Physical effort and Inconvenience: a. Few hours of power supply during non-peak hours b. Erratic and highly un-reliable power c. Frequent power cuts d. Long distance Travel to fields at odd hours during Nights and on Rainy days e. Risk to life from electric shocks, snakes f. Labour Problem g. Sacrifice other personal priorities 2. Motor and Starter related problems: a. Frequent damages to motor/starter due to voltage fluctuations, three phase connectivity issues b. Running the motor in the absence of water c. Theft of motors, starters, cables and other irrigation equipment 3. Environment related problems: a. Wastage of water and electricity b. Soil-erosion and Fertilizer run-off due to excess water. Kisan Raja A Revolutionary GSM based Remote Motor Controller, which is a one stop solution for all the troubles in operating the motor pumps. 1. Enables the farmer to remotely control the motor pump a. Through mobile or landline of any operator b. From Anywhere, Any time 2. Local language IVRS options a. Easy to operate b. Remote power ON/OFF c. Multiple modes: 1. Manual 2. Auto 3. Timer 3. Acknowledgement of Motor status: a. Power Availability status in the area where motor is installed b. Motor ON/OFF status 4. Protects the damages to the Motor and Starter from a. Voltage Fluctuations ( b. Phase connectivity faults (wire-cut issues anywhere between power supply and motor) c. Dry Run (water not being pumped) d. Over load current e. Single Phasing f. Phase Imbalance g. Phase Reversal 5. Farmer gets Voice alerts for a. Faulty power supply b. Motor not starting c. Non-availability of water in the well/bore d. Attempt of device/motor theft 6. Can be retrofitted to all the existing motor starters

What we deliver

Kisan Raja Remote Motor Controller Product

Whom we deliver

A farmer who is facing physical inconvenience, risking life, incurring labour cost while operating irrigation Motor pump sets, getting the motors and starters damaged due to erratic power supply and wants to reduce the operational cost while improving the Agricultural yield with timely and adequate water supply, which in turn helps the efficient use of resources such as water and electricity, and hence better utilization of government provided subsidies.

How is the project unique?

Kisan Raja Key Differentiators Product Leadership End to end irrigation automation solutions than just a motor controller Superior to any of the existing solutions in the market on several parameters. Price Leadership Price lower than Rs.5,000/- with More Features at Lower Priceadvantage. Monthly Subscription model to serve Marginal farmers Creation of Ecosystem that feeds into each other 1. Farmer community 2. TELCOs 3. Irrigation Equipment Vendors 4. Fertilizer companies 5. FMCG Players 6. Agri Universities 7. NGOs Distribution Channel Leadership Distribution channel and after-sales support through Rural Entrepreneurs Collaboration with TELCOs, Motor/Starter vendors and Government. Organizational Process and People Bring-in world-class technology and process excellence Business Model replication across the Geographies Local Language IVRS menu offered Target global market for the sensor based irrigation


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