Livelihood opportunities through skill up gradation in rural Varanasi to the poorest of the poor you

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[Define the project/product briefly to explain the entire project succinctly] It becomes very hard to get primary or higher education for the girls belonging to SC, OBC and Minority community in the orthodoxical environment of rural society. Due to orthodoxical environment of the village, so many girls have to stop their study after primary or junior education. There are some girls also who get marry after 5th standard and their desire of taking vocational course have been suppressed because there is no resource of vocational training centre in the village which may provide vocational training to them. And if there is any vocational training centre in the city, it provides training to only those girls who are socially and economically farward. The VTC of city is occupied with the views of social discrimination and castism. In this way many girls have to suppress their own desire of taking the vocational training. Observing these and to make girls empower by economical and social points of views, organization has run vocational training centres successfully and besides it various vocational short term courses like computer education, electronic & electrical, mobile repairing, cutting & tailoring, embroidery, mehandi art, beauty clinic, zari-dardozi, textile & painting, soft toys making, flower & pot making, fashion designing, artificial jewellery making, block printing and screen printing has been provided to the young age girls of the project area.

What we deliver

[Provide the complete list of deliverables to the customer/target group] 1. Tailoring and Cutting. ( Duration – one years) 2. Mehandi and Beautician. ( Duration – one years) 3. Panting and Soft toys making. ( Duration – six months) 4. Jari- darjodi and Embriodery. ( Duration – six months) 5. Woolen fabrics. ( Duration – one years) 6. Computer education and Spoken Eng. ( Duration – one years) 7. Mobile repairing both hardware and software 8. Electrical and Electronics
Whom we deliver
The youth girls belonging to minority community, S.C., OBC and General and the most disadvantage group of the community who are socially and economically weak.

How is the project unique?

[Describe the Uniqueness of your Innovation in terms of Originality of Idea / Method/ Business Model/ Technology / Application / Implementation process that your product/project has which makes it different] 1. Community support group / Self Help Groups has been playing their vital role to sensitize and motivate the entire community spreading prudence how to achieve their own rights. 2. Various training and capacity building program for the staff and volunteers. 3. The organization used to organize the training program by mobilizing Union Bank – Rural Self Employment Training Institute. 4. It not only provides the training but also give them loan for starting their own self business. 5. Not only vocational training but also academic prudence are provided to illiterate girls and women. 6. Youth girls used to get training on various health issues and life skill. 7. The computer education makes the rural girls unique and advanced in their surroundings. 8. Trained girls get the opportunity to market their products with the help of organization and other resources.


A peaceful, discrimination, exploitation free sustainable society where there is a all sense of respect, dignity, quality, self esteem, service and participation with women and children where there is equal opportunity with the provision of social political, economic and cultural rights with eco-friendly, dignified living. HWA believes that rural communities are capable managers of their resources and through a process of facilitation and empowerment over a period of time; they can develop their capabilities to address issues of equity, efficacy, efficiency and effectiveness in management of their resources. HWA believes further that external forces, both environmental and others, have been responsible for systematic destruction of traditional livelihood system merciless exploitation of vulnerable sections of rural society reduction them to be passive onlookers to sweeping changes all around them, of which they are victims and over which they have no my. HWA is committed to enable the local community and the most disadvantaged sections in particular, to manage their resources equitably and judiciously and facilitate the process by which they can gain effective control over factor that given their lives by exercising their fundamental rights as equal and aware citizens of democratic India. Commitment and dedication to the process of empowering the poorest and most disadvantaged section the society. Respect and confidence of /in the community whom we strive to empower. Respect for traditional knowledge base, for tribal communities and for women and confidence in their skills, abilities and capacities. Cost effectiveness and integrity in utilization of our resources- finances, manpower, time and integrity of purpose and in financial dealings. Innovation and quality in our strategies and interventions, striving for better quality and incorporation and sprit of innovation of all that we do.


Human Welfare Association
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