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Maithili Fedora and Associated Software Our goal was to deliver the power of open source software to Maithili community. A Complete Maithili Desktop. We, the Maithili Community, aimed to create a fully localized version of GNU/Linux operating system in Maithili language. Our aim was to prepare a Maithili language computer for Maithili users, so that people who know Maithili language can be able to do all works on computer in their own language. To achieve this we started working on the following projects: Fedora (Operating System), Gnome Desktop (Desktop Environment), Kde Desktop (Desktop Environment), Firefox (Browser), OpenOffice (Office Suit), Pidgin (multi-platform instant messaging client), FUEL (Glossary Project), Chatzilla, Hunspell (Spell Checker). Currently a complete Operating System Fedora is available with all the basic applications localized in Maithili language. So almost an end to end experience one Maithili user can take while using Fedora with several open source softwares. In total this work has filled the digital gap for the Maithili knowing users. The work is important because it is not only concentrating on merely one application like Firefox or KDE…the work done under this community engagement is huge because one full OS with all major applications are available in Maithili language. From the creation of locale ‘mai’ for Maithili to releasing a full-fledged Operating Syetem Fedora was not an small task. Apart from crossing several technical challenges, we translated around five lakhs words in Maithili from English. For more info please visit us at:

 What we deliver

1. Fedora Maithili – Operating System 2. Firefox in Maithili – Smart Browser 3. FUEL Maithili – Computing Terminology 4. Hunspell Maithili – Spell Checker 5. Pidgin Maithili – Multi-platform instant messaging client 6. GNOME Maithili – Desktop Environment 7. KDE Maithili – Desktop Environment 8. Chatzilla Maithili – IRC client

Whom we deliver

Our product, just because of being an FOSS, it provides sufficient interactivity. Everything is free and open for everybody and people can use it, modify it and suggest modifications according to their need. Even the FUEL Maithili glossary effort is also interactive as anybody can file an issue with respect to any terminology that is not correct.

Why is the project unique?

As far as Maithili language is concerned, it is very unique. The idea of doing in language is not innovative but doing it in Maithili language is unique because it is totally created with the help of community. A total community effort! A huge success story of the power of community.


Digital content are very important for Development particularly regions like south Asia. In this area apart from other gaps, digital gap is also emerging as a big problem and so ICT’s tools can be helpful in filling theses gaps. Also, it can play a key role in sector like poverty eradication, rural development, health care. ICT comprehensively can create environment that builds structure for sustainable development and improving quality of life. No modern economy can be sustained today without an adequate and pervasive ICT infrastructure and localizing software is vital for the complete success.


Rajesh Ranjan

Bhasha Ghar

N-203, Kubera Sankul, Gadital, Hadapsar

Pune, Maharashtra, India



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