MISEEFA ( MInimal Sufficient Equal HEalthcare For All )

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Project Miseefa (Minimum Sufficient Equal Healthcare for all) is a remote telemedicine project which targets the underserved communities around the country (even around the world for that matter). Lack of medical centers with minimal facilities is a major barrier when it comes to achieving the goal of a satisfactory healthcare level. On the other hand, the required hardware and man cost is considerably high. Even sufficient infrastructure is not sufficient if a patient cannot be monitored by a recognized specialist in the field in some situations. The “Medical Bag” is the solution that project “Miseefa” provides in solving the above matter. Medical bag is a device which includes mandatory medical instruments such as a digital stethoscope, a digital sphygmomanometer and an ECG machine attached to it. Moreover there is a digital camera with a microphone attached with an internet dongle. The specialty of this device is that the device was built using disposed materials such as disposed CD ROMs, Printers etc. Therefore the total cost of building the device has been drastically reduced. A set of unique software attached to the system ensures a better communication between the doctor and the patient. The device is highly portable as the name suggests.

What we deliver

We deliver a 100% functional, low cost and highly portable remote telemedicine solution (both the hardware and software) where both the main stake holders; doctors and the patients can interact with each other in a unique way. The deliverables are listed below. Hardware 1) “Medical Bag” – The main hardware component. Software 2) Localized video/audio conferencing application. 3) Intelligent matching and diagnosing engine. 4) Miseefa Mobile – mobile solution. 5) Miseefa Web – the web solution.

Why is the project unique?

Project Miseefa is Unique due to several factors: 1) the medical bag was built using disposed hardware devices such as disposed CD-ROMs and Printers etc. This indirectly helps to maintain the environment sustainability by recycling non-decomposing materials. 2) The medical bag is a highly portable device. Therefore, even if the patient is in a geographically complex area such as on a mountain etc., it just a matter of an assistant carrying the pack to the patients location. Therefore, the accessibility is 100%. 3) The unit cost of building a medical bag is really low (240$). The nearest competitor for such product costs 20000$. Therefore, in a mass production point of view, the product is highly feasible and unique. 4) The video conferencing solution is unique as it has broken the language barrier, doctor can interact with the system using a language that he/she desires and patient can do the same. All the incompatibilities are handled and smooth communication is guaranteed.


I highly believe ICT, if used wisely and carefully, can make a huge impact on the growth of the country. The most important reason for this is that to perform or learn Information Technology all you need a good PC with a good Internet connection and a real motive to learn. Knowledge is out there abundantly as never before. Therefore, the only thing which keeps us from developing in ICT is the lack of motive and courage. If you consider other fields, you have to spend lots of money on learning before performing. Due to this reason ICT is the best thing happened to a country like Sri Lanka. Therefore I would like to mention again that if used wisely and carefully, ICT can make this country visible in the world map and most importantly can make this world a better place one BYTE at a time.


Akila Jayasooriya


196/8, Sapumal Place, Welivita Rd, Malabe

Malabe, Sri Lanka

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