Non-Touch Interface (NTI)

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Non-Touch Interface or NTI is a new computer interface technology which has the potential to revolutionize man machine interaction. Falling in the category of spatial operating environments, NTI is a software and hardware combination technology that essentially comprises of a glove with sensors which is connected to a Wi-Fi Remote. Enabled with motion sensing capability, it allows the user to interact with and manipulate items on screen via gesture recognition and pointing through the use of accelerometer and optical sensor technology. The currently available computer terminal keyboards are bulky and they require an operator using them to sit in a fixed position proximate the keyboard. NTI technology can do away with such disadvantages and provide users with greater ease-of-use especially to the users who are differently able. The interface permits users to input data and interact with on screen objects with increased ease and efficiency. Man-machine interfaces of varying degrees of complexity are commonly used to input data to machines. Although the currently available interface devices are adequate for their intended purpose, they are less than ideal from both a human factors as well as from an economic standpoint. As we move towards ubiquitous computing, the need for peripherals is beginning to disappear. Breakthrough technologies, including touch, gesture and special perception are helping define the future of environmental and social computing. Making data pervasive and accessible in almost any situation, these solutions allow virtually any surface to be turned into a portal for the internet and present other advancements that were never before thought possible. Non-Touch Interface is a cutting-edge innovation in this field and importantly, it has been executed in South Asia. It is an experiment that would help in building a future in which people can experience and engage with all kinds of information from any surface, any place.

What we deliver

This technology is targeted for Educational institutes,Bussiness Sector & Common PC users

Why is the project unique?

I think it is very unique because its a new experience for the users.


My vision is that the technologies of the future should be more interactive & more closer to the reality.


M.Waqar Qureshi

University of Central Punjab

Hs#50 ,St #6 Garhi Shahu Main Bazar,

Lahore , Punjab, Pakistan

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