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For providing the most comprehensive agricultural knowledge directly from the scientific community, Rice Knowledge Management Portal was launched in the presence of Honourable Prime Minister of India during 83rd ICAR Foundation Day on 16th July 2011. RKMP now serves as an information highway for sharing rice knowledge across the country. It has several global firsts in terms of comprehensiveness and utility. Built on web 2.0 standards, this portal caters to location specific information needs of many stakeholders in local languages. With about 20 platforms, more than 10,000 pages of content, 3000 minutes of audio, 50 video clips, this is the first comprehensive agricultural portal of the country. The Extension and Farmers domains provide production know how, package of practices, FAQs etc., in English and local languages. In research domain, various services are provided such as AICRIP Intranet, archives of 27000 datasets, bio-informatics suite, India Rice Research Repository (i3R) etc. It operates two e-learning platforms providing learning opportunity to scientists and extension workers at their time and space. This portal also caters to information needs of exporters and farmers through the trade information system. Policy makers can directly access area, production, productivity trends of last four decades for all districts.

What we deliver

Unlike other ICT4D initiatives, this is the first time existing public sector R&D organisation is providing the credible information to the farmers and other stakeholders of rice. Data, Information and Knowledge is delivered through this portal without compromising on the quality and credibility of the content. Striking feature is that context specific information is provided catering to information needs of different stakeholders. For delivering the information, different domains are available; Research Extension Farmers Service General In Research domain, we deliver following content/services: Data Repository AICRIP Intranet Status of rice production state wise RiceVocs (2500 rice relate vocabulary) Bio-informatics Tool Research Themes Research Fora (Community of Practices) Directory of Rice Researchers India Rice Research Repository (i3R) Guidelines Tools and Techniques History of Rice Breeding Rice Research in India In Extension domain, we deliver following content/services: Production Know How of rice (2500 heads) Package of Practices (state specific) Expert Answers on Rice (EAR) Government Schemes Extension Methods Diagnostic Tool FAQs Frontline Demonstrations Production Concerns of the Month Farmers Innovation Ferti-meter Spot nearest Research/Extension Office/Dealer Recap Sheets Audio Gallery Video Gallery Weed Management Weed Information System (Wisy) Indigenous Technical Knowledge (ITK) In Farmers domain, we deliver following content/services in LOCAL LANGUAGES: Production Know How Package of Practices Expert Answers on Rice (EAR) Government Schemes Farmers Innovation Audio Gallery Video Gallery Digital Photo Library Weed Management In Service domain, we deliver following content/services: Trade Information System (Trade Know How) Mandi (Market) Prices Spot nearest Research/Extension Office/Dealer Weather Information In General domain, we deliver following content/services: History and Evolution OF RICE Rice in Indian Culture Rice Facts Rice in Human Nutrition Rice End-Products News and Events Virtual Rice Resources Rikipedia Virtual Tour In Rice Stats, we deliver following content/services: Rice Almanac In E-learning, you can browse through the following Platforms: LearnRice – Moodle LearnRice

Whom we deliver

Farmers Extension workers Rice Researchers Traders and private sector related to rice NGOS/ Krishi Vigyan Kendra Staff Policy makers Rice consumers Many other stakeholders of rice

How is the project unique?

Before launch of this Portal, there was No single gateway for all the information needs of large number of rice stakeholders Absence of location specific & dynamic content suiting to all stakeholders and the organizations that too in local language At organizational levels, NO real time Knowledge exchange The virtual triangle of access, quality and costs of knowledge interventions – need for Virtual Platform Potential users do not have 24×7 access to the rice knowledge, data sets, usable form of rice information Uniqueness of this Portal includes; In built sustainability incorporating ICT/KM into structure and functions of existing system Harnessing existing AICRIP set up through Knowledge Management Tools enhancing the efficiency Building the virtual Communities of Practice (CoP) for rice sector Developing huge location specific content in usable format 24X7 learning opportunities in local languages, in modular format Transmitting online content through offline delivery mechanism Transmitting offline content through non-digital means Roping in all stakeholders for a common cause of knowledge creation, capture and sharing Harnessing the best expertise of Information technology and Rice sector Creating a prototype for other crops


Our vision is to serve wide range of stakeholders and help in better planning to realize higher productivity and production of rice through improved knowledge and skill sets. RKMP is included in the XII Five Year Plan of DRR. Now we are planning to go mobile to reach out to atleast 1.8 million rice farmers directly.


DIRECTORATE OF RICE RESEARCH Dr. Shaik N.Meera, GAK Kumar, MP Rajanna, PS Pandey, RL Kunkerkar, NT Yaduraju, C. Kathiresan, AK Mohanty, BN Singh, Bra
Dr. Shaik N.Meera, Senior Scientist and Consortium Principal Investigator, RKMP Rajendranagar Hyderabad Andhra Pradesh 500030
URL/Website –

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