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Description provides the information needed for rural community, mainly farmers. It covers agriculture, non-agriculture, new business ideas and citizen service related infos. The language used in this web is Bengali, the native language, which makes “” unique and special. Local farmers, businessmen, students, youth, women and children avail their needed information from the tele-center where the center operators consult “” for appropriate information and advisory services. For additional queries, our organization named WIN Incorporate provides solution through e-Mail or mobile phone to the centers. “” is an example of how private sector can efficiently distribute information to rural community. It has been worked since 2007 with timely updating and adding new contents based on the user need/demand.

What we deliver

“ruralinfobd” is committed to develop, design and serve content on demand. It follows an effective and sophisticated process of content development that makes our content more informative and competitive. Currently this project focuses on the following sectors: Agriculture: It covers all types of agricultural products including fisheries, poultry and dairy. Generic business information for agri-businesses is included also. Semi-organic Agriculture: It is a new addition to this portal from this year. It contains the complete information regarding semi-organic production. The regular farmer can easily produce semi-organic product by learning this infos. Non-Agriculture: Delivering content for Non-Agro services like candle making, kitchen nursery etc. that would explore the business areas for rural community. New Business Ideas: Some new topics, that can be the source of income for rural people especially for the youth and women, are included here. Citizen services: This part includes information on education, health, job related info and govt services.

How is the project unique?

Yes, we think our project “” is unique because- The native language is used in this project that makes it user friendly and easily accessible. The project serves all communities in rural area. It offers timely advice and information that rural people need. We have followed a systematic and authentic way to develop and deliver the contents that can help users to accomplish their need or content demand. We defined the process as “CDP-Content development Process”-that maintains a series of steps to make the content faultless and accurate as well as updated also. We receive queries or content demand from the users spontaneously that reflects the need of this portal. It can develop marketing channel and network for farmers and input suppliers. There is no COMPLETE and UPDATE agro portal in Bangladesh like it, till date. It has several Searching method for users friendliness. * Only this portal deliver the info on semi-organic process and queries on demand method.


Our vision is to disseminate fruitful, authentic, updated and needed info to the rural community to change their livelihood. We want to establish “Ruralinfobd” as a unique and common information hub that will serve for the rural people rightly. Beside our online portal, we are planning to develop CD/DVD based animated content to deliver better understanding of their need without internet. In this connection we are developing primarily agro based content then upon the result we will go for other three sectors based content. To achieve the target, the combined work of Govt, NGOs, private sectors and multinational organizations will be needed. Public Private Partnership (PPP) has a great role and can ensure the maximum use of ICT tools towards this end at large.


Win Incorporate
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House 39/A (5th Floor), Road 28, Dhanmondi, Dhaka Bangladesh – 845418
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