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High resolution village-tehsil level short-term weather forecastswith superior accuracy made available to farmers in sms format enabling educated daily/weekly judgments revolving crop related activities like tillering, seedling, weeding, application of irrigation, fertilizers, pesticides, insecticides and many others and save on energy (electricity) and losses related to wrong timing of application of agricultural inputs.[Define the project/product briefly to explain the entire project succinctly]

What we deliver

The service encompasses major weather parameters that affect the pan-Indian agriculture sector: Maximum Temperature Minimum Temperature Maximum Relative Humidity Minimum Relative Humidity Sky Condition Rainfall Quantity Rainfall Probability UV Index Wind Speed Wind Direction Dew Point Maximum Soil Temperature Minimum Soil Temperature Maximum Soil Moisture Minimum Soil Moisture Leaf Wetness Duration

Whom we deliver

Skymet forecast are targeted mainly at but not limited to: Farmers Commodity traders Food/Agri/Agri-inputs products marketers AgriSupply Chain Managers Power generators/distributors/transmitters Wind power generators Agriculture insurance companies Telecom TV Internet [Describe your End users, including various categories]

How is the project unique?

Skymet is India first private sector weather forecast company. Skymet was the first company in India to sell weather information. The first one to sell to the media and the first to come up with a customized solution for farmers. 1. Skymet is the only agency in the country that can provide tehsil level weather forecast. 2. Skymet is the only agency with the capacity to generate forecast for frost, leaf wetness, soil moisture and soil temperature. 3. Skymet has evolved a product for village level weather forecasts. The product is already being distributed. 4. Skymet has a seasonal forecast product. The only one to do so being sold to agri input and crop insurance companies. 5. Skymet is the only agency outside the government to employ weather modelers, statisticians and weather forecasters. Such volume of location specific weather forecasts and dissemination to end users has never been planned and achieved in the country before by any government or privately owned enterprise.


Skymet wants to enhance the forecast accuracy/efficiency even further by integrating more past and current weather data into the weather forecasting/monitoring systems that it uses to alert/update its clients with the ever-changing weather. Skymet is planning to set upa wide network of Automated Weather Stations (small observatories that record various weather parameters) and Doppler Weather Radars (to track rainfall and related weather systems) across the nation. Such network of high capacity instrumentation would help us pin-point the time and space of any impending weather event to a great extent. The idea is that Skymet would be able to alert/update a farmer about the exact timing of rain on his/her farm.


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