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Thinvent’s solar computing innovation enables the use of computers in areas without electricity. Our rugged, easy to use, low-maintenance computers take e-governance and education to the far corners.

What we deliver

The deliverables from our end include: 1. Computer hardware, solar panel, DC UPS, and batteries. 2. On site installation and training 3. After sales support and warranty 4. Customised Linux OS as per customer’s application needs. 5. Customisation of the hardware (kiosk, POS) as per end user needs.

Whom we deliver

Our products are being by rural IT education and skills development providers. They are also being utilised in the delivery of CSC project, banking correspondent counters, etc.

Why is the project unique?

Our product is unique in the way appropriate technology has been developed from the ground up to be usable in rural India. We have rethought the entire computer with the rural environment in mind. For us high temperature, dust, remote locations, user ignorance, and the lack of power, are not limitations. These are simply user expectations. We cannot expect people to build infrastructure simply because they want to use computers. Modern technology needs to adapt to how our countrymen live, and this is what we have achieved in this project.


On the technical front, we continue to innovate from our design centers in Gurgaon, Bangalore and the Bay Area. We are working on newer models of rural computers that are even more rugged and cost effective. Our next generation DC-UPS will incorporate MPPT, 32-bit microprocessor control, SNMP, and similar cutting edge technologies. Our long term vision is to work closely with our customers and partners, listening to their needs, and innovating to eliminate any impediments to the optimal utilisation of our products.


Ms. Namita Jain

Thinvent Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

S-90, Uppal South End, Sohna Road

Gurgaon, Haryana, India

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