Transformer Protection from Unauthorized Person

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The stealing of electrical transformer (distribution end) is a great problem especially in Bangladesh not only for the consumers but also for the authority. In this project, the idea to protect the single-phase transformer from unauthorized person comes from this national issue of the rural area of Bangladesh. It becomes familiar in rural areas rather than cities, especially in those areas which are controlled by REB (Rural Electrification Board).Peoples under these areas are from poor background. So when transformers are staled they face troubles. The cost of a transformer is approximately (60,000/- to 80,000/-) taka, which is huge in amount to the people in the rural area. Because of this stolen purpose our new device has been implemented. It will give Transformer Protection from Unauthorized Persons.

What we deliver

All of our Rural Areas people where Rural Electrification Board (REB) served the Power of Electricity.

Why is the project unique?

Our project is unique. Because we are applying for Patent in the DPDT, Ministry of Indus tries Gov t. of Bangladesh and already achieved the first inventor Patent’s 2nd papers. Also it is unique, In our University of AIUB 11th convocation Ceremony, we are selected for “Best Design Project Award B.Sc in Electrical & Electronics (EEE) 2010” And achieved the “Vice Chancellor’s GOLD Medal Award” in 11th Convocation Ceremony and 7th July 2011 & Achieved Champion of the National Digital Innovation Award 2011 contest, as the category of m-Science & Technology.


Our vision is “To Protect all the Transformer from Unauthorized Person & save the Consumer’s money”. We are using Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) system in our project for transmitted signal to the Control Rooms.


Engr. Tanvir Ahmed Chowdhury.

B – 1, Rose Dale Apartment, 178 Green Road, Kalabagan 1st Lane

Dhaka, Bangladesh, 120500

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Transformer Protection from Unauthorized Person_Project and Thesis

Transformer Protection from Unauthorized Person_Project Patent And Other Proof Documents

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