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Objective of the project is dissemination of information pertaining to Agriculture, Livestock & Forestry in local languages covering almost all available modes of interactive communication. IT trend is moving from data management towards information management, knowledge management, intelligence management. Data will take the shape of information whenever that contributes towards up gradation of knowledge of the users. For maximum productivity combination of data, user and the methodology for dissemination is most important. Any of the three factors alone cannot be useful for enhancing productivity but optimum combination of the same can do miracle. A person may not be interested to collect information although he is sitting surrounded by data. On the other hand, the system will not work if someone is striving for information but there is no data in his reach. The traditional system is constrained by various factors like declining number of field staff due to retirement resulting into huge vacancies and inadequate fund to carry out extension activities. Moreover, increasing techniques in agricultural production system and huge technical information are difficult to be imbibed by the field extension functionaries and transfer them to the farmers. Further in the situations like outbreak of pest and diseases, weather-forecast etc. the messages need to be transferred to the farmers at the earliest. The technological convergence has provided tremendous opportunities for disseminating agriculture information through LAN, WLAN, Internet and Mobile phone. The proposed project would involve SMS & IVRS technologies for interactive and non-interactive dissemination of agricultural information in the form of text or audio for converting traditional rural society into modern knowledge society resulting into enhanced agricultural productivity.

What we deliver

Enhanced portal for finding solution of agricultural problem over internet. Offline agricultural content delivery system SMS based agricultural information access & dissemination system IVRS for agricultural content

Whom we deliver

Farmers, Krishi Vigyan Kendras, NGOs of Jharkhand and Birsa Agricultural University, Ranchi.

How is the project unique?

The system will be used to disseminate Agricultural Information to the farmers in the state of Jharkhand. Content is being developed on the areas of agriculture, animal husbandry and forestry in seven languages namely English, Hindi, Nagpuri, Santhali, Kurukh, Mundari and Ho. The solution involves vernacular web enabled interactive access, offline content delivery using LCMS, guided and unguided SMS in push as well as pull mode & IVRS technologies for interactive and non-interactive dissemination of agricultural information. The USP of the system is dissemination of information in local languages covering almost all available modes of interactive communication.


Future plan is to extend similar services for Livestock and Forestry domain and inclusion of other local languages for better visibility and implementation on other states of our Nation for their usage.


Centre for Development of Advanced Computing, Kolkata
Ritesh Mukherjee
Plot-E2/1; Block-GP; Sector-V Kolkata West Bengal – 700091
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