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To disseminate agricultural technologies and information at farmers door step Agriculture Information Service (AIS), under Ministry of Agriculture has established a web based e-content service. The website ( is having the highest digital agricultural validated content (It has been termed as e-krishi). Our prime focus is to serve the farmers, so it has prepared by Bangla language. The site is being updated regularly, is a dynamic one having very simple interface. It provide opportunity for question answering, putting comments and contributes by posting any articles. Besides the site is endowing with digital copy of different print and video materials, which can be downloaded and viewed 24×7. Traditionally an extension person (SAAO) has to deliver his service among around 1500 farm families which is quite tough in this time. A farmer may not find his assistance when he really wants. The site has reduced the dependency on a fixed person, rather opened a new avenue for knowing real time newer information and taking suggestion from expert panel. It will be bridge the existing digital gap.

What we deliver

We provide agricultural information and technology to the farmers. Besides we also receive their comments, questions and suggestion. The services that can be available from this site are: E-krishi: E-krishi contains detailed production technology (seed to seed) of almost all the crops cultivated in Bangladesh. Besides the vast information on crops, basic information on fisheries and livestock are also available in this e-krishi. Electronic copy of print/video materials: Krishikotha, Somprosharon Barta, different posters, leaflets, books, folders etc which are being published from AIS, are also available in the site. AIS produces different agri technology based video documentary, film, filler etc which is also available in the site. Contemporary important news: In the home page important contemporary news are uploaded. Q/A: If anyone has any question or query he/she can ask directly through on line. Expert personnel provide the feedback usually by 24 hours. Regional agriculture information: At present there ten regions in Bangladesh. Regional agricultural information provides a glimpse on the agricultural scenario of that region. Article submission: Any interested person can send any relevant article for website publishing/traditional printing through the site. Comment on content: In each segment of content (in e-krishi) person has the scope to put his/her comment on the topic. Miscellaneous: Officials contact list, market information link, weather information (at adverse situation), AICC contact list, photo gallery, related rules/forms, important links etc are also mentionable features of this site.

How is the project unique?

Yes, this is a unique project. Although today many organizations including GO and NGO have started this type of initiatives, but when we started it was a rare. Moreover we started the website in Bengali language, at that moment no website in Govt sector was in Bengali. An interactive website containing huge content was a real challenge at that moment. Although we don’t believe that all task we have finished, website development is a continuous process and our dedicated team is doing their job with extreme attention. The major innovativeness are: Huge source of content: Probably this is the largest agricultural digital content in this country. Not only crops information has been covered, but also basic need on fisheries, livestock has been satisfied. Online Q/A: Any question/clarification can be solved within 24 hours. Digital copy of print/video materials: Different sorts of print/video materials are available. Contribution: Option for comment/suggestion/contribution is possible.


Several institutions have been working on agricultural development for a long time. But proper archiving of information and integration in pleasant way is absent. It our vital responsibility to accumulate all these information, prepared in acceptable form and disseminate all these in proper time at the farmer door step. Proper information can reduce the information gap which will reduce Yield gap and ultimately it will enhance the productivity and thus bring positive change in livelihood. We have already established Agriculture Information and Communication Centre (AICC) at the grass root level which is well equipped with different ICT tools. People are going these centers browsing the site and getting their necessary information service. Once upon a time a farmer had to wait a long for the extension personnel to take necessary advice, can easily get the solution jut by one click. In the future there is plan for expanding this service. All indigenous technologies in agriculture will be accumulated, validated and will be prepared in their local language. The digital content will be both in text and audio form (in local language). Definitely ICT tools have the vast positive impact on development. We all are informed that information is power and ultimately it makes empowered. A farmer at extreme village level had no option for taking expert help in his emergency. But the proposed project has given him that opportunity. It has reduced the digital divide between urban and rural areas. Present government has the vision to make Bangladesh digital by 2021. As Bangladesh is having agrarian economy so field of agriculture should be digitalized first. ICT tools can be used for reaching the unreached people very sharply, and thus productivity will be enhanced, livelihood will be changed.


Agriculture Information Service (AIS)
Md. Nazrul Islam
Director, AIS, Khamarbari, Farmgate, Dhaka-1215 Bangladesh- 845418
URL/Website –

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