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XBLOCKR is a mobile phone application designed to protect your privacy from unwanted calls. It has all the options that will help you screen the caller on the fly when the call arrives on your mobile phone. It also helps you avoid the calls that you do not want to answer with great ease. You can DUCK, DROP or DIVERT calls you do not wish to answer. You can put your phone to DO NOT DISTURB mode while on travel, or on vacation so that only special callers ring your phone and the rest do not. Please visit for further information. XBLOCKR presents user with the call management options on the fly when the call arrives. The UI seamlessly integrates with the phone’s call screen and blends well in order to provide user with additional features to handle the call more efficiently. User has multiple options to handle the call instead of just rejecting the caller. User can send an SMS or E-mail to the caller on the fly while not taking the call in order not to offend the caller. User can as well instantly divert the caller someone else once the call arrives.

What we deliver

Application binary specific to the mobile platform

Whom we deliver

Operators in Israel, South Korea and Middle East

Why is the project unique?

Usually, XBLOCKR is compared with a bunch of bespoke call blocking freewares prevailing in the market; however, XBLOCKR is altogether a different proposition in such comparison. Call/SMS blocking is just one of the features of XBLOCKR amongst many it has on offer. The uniqueness lies in following features. i) Real time decision making ii) Diverse options are presented on the fly on the native incoming call screen – one of them is for call blocking iii) It works on 70% of the Smart phones prevailing in the market supporting 500+ devices iv) Tight integration with Calendar for dynamically programming XBLOCKR features on specific time duratio


Mobile is a driving force moving ahead where an individual’s more than 50% of the routine tasks will be served on the mobile phone. In such case, mobile technology is going to play a significant role in one’s life starting from organization of activities to location based services and even to finding a helping hand.


Rahuldev Rajguru

Aquilonis Technologies Private Limited

26 5th Cross 35th Main BTM Layout 2nd Stage

Bangalore, Karnataka, India


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